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Investor Services

Over the past few years, LendMe has funded over $250 million in volume, giving their investors a truly passive yet rewarding investment opportunity in the California real estate sector.

For those that wish to diversify their investment portfolio by earning secured monthly returns on their investment, LendMe's trust deed offerings are an excellent way in doing so. 

Investors don't have to go searching for deals on their own. At LendMe, we will put together the deals for you and do a thorough analysis before presenting them. All aspects of the transaction are processed by LendMe in an effort to ensure the highest quality of service.



Consistent Returns

Investors get consistent monthly returns on their investment.


Hassle-Free Investing

Passive investing. While others work for their money, you can allow your money to work for you.


Capital Protection

Protect your capital investment by pledging the property as collateral.


Hard Assets

Invest in tanginble, income-producing assets.

Be The Bank!

Grow with LendMe

How Does it Work?​

At LendMe, we allow our investors to invest in our trust deed offerings. A trust deed is a legal instrument used to create a security interest in real estate. Investing in trust deeds is simply investing in real estate secured loans.  The trust deed serves as a legal notice to show the property being pledged as collateral to secure the loan. Should the borrower default on the loan, the trust deed allows for a more quick foreclosure process.


At LendMe, these relatively short term trust deed investments allow our investors to seek a rather attractive yield, resulting in more stable and favorable returns than other investment opportunities with a similar risk profile.

Why Invest?

  • Hard-asset based lending

  • Securitised Investments

  • Capital Protection

  • Steady Returns

  • Passive Investing

  • Maximize your return

  • Minimize your exposure

  • Diversify Portfolio

  • Reduce liquidity risk

  • Deals brought to you

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How to Reduce Risk?

At LendMe, we do a thorough analysis of the deal and scrutinize the following prior to giving loan approval:

  • Loan Application

  • Credit Report

  • Schedule of Real Estate Owned

  • Preliminary Title Report (verify other liens)

  • Local Market Trends/Demographics

  • Appraisal Report

  • Borrower's Ability to Repay

  • Borrower's Exit Strategy

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Gain A Business Partner Not Just A Lender

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