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Family Real Estate



Quick Closing


Our same day approvals allow us to meet our client's deadlines. Typical funding time ranges from 3-5 days.


No Hidden Fees


We are transparent about all fees upfront, and don't leave you hanging with any surprises. 


Custom Tailored Financing

Borrowers are used to hearing "no" from other lenders. At LendMe, we provide strategic financing solutions around our client's needs.

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Designed for Brokers

At LendMe, our brokers have been able to benefit from our quick closing times, no hidden fees, and custom tailored financing. ​

At LendMe we value our broker relationships. Working with brokers has allowed us to more smoothly close on loan transactions, which benefits all parties involved. 

While many lenders may simply say no, we aim to provide customized loan packages for our borrowers to fulfill their financing needs and deadlines.

As a hard money lender with a wide array of investors, we are able to structure custom loan packages that provide our borrowers with ultra competitive rates and fees.


Hard Money - Broker Focused​

Hard Money lending allows for custom tailored, unique financing around our client's needs. Backed by a hard asset, this type of lending is secured by a trust deed and promissory note which allows our investors to secure high yields and consistent returns. In return, this allows for quick, efficient, and strategic financing.

At LendMe, we value our broker relationships. The relationships we have established with brokers have allowed us to close on loan transactions in a more quick and efficient manner. LendMe has been able to streamline its funding process by working closely with brokers that interact directly with the borrowers through the application and closing process. 

Cost Associated with Hard Money

Rates, terms, and fees ultimately vary uniquely scenario by scenario. However, below are common terms/fees:

  • 1st trust deed rates from 7.75% interest-only

  • Terms from 6 mo to 5 years

  • Origination fees from 1.5 pts

Signing a Contract

Loan Submission Requirements

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At LendMe, we encourage our brokers to provide a full package upon submission. This way, we can quickly provide loan approval and underwrite the file. Doing so will allow us to go above and beyond to meet our funding deadlines. Below is a list of the typical loan package requirements:

  • Executed Loan Application

  • Borrower's Authorization Forms

  • ID

  • Credit Report

  • Evidence of Insurance

  • Appraisal

  • Preliminary Title Report

  • Purchase Agreement (if applicable)

  • Lease Agreement (if applicable)

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Gain A Business Partner Not Just A Lender

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